Club Guidelines


Club Guidelines

Date: Thursday, Jun 25th, 2009 1:58:01 pm
Author: Chris Lee
The following guidelines have been approved by the club’s Executive.  Each of these guidelines pertains to issues that the club has faced during the past years and are designed to clarify our position and/or acts as our policy.

1.  Guideline on Dealing with Suppliers:

Acting in the best interests of the club’s members, the Club may:

  • jointly engage in events and activities with fly fishing suppliers
  • make purchases from such suppliers, and
  • accept donations and special offers from them.

The Club may deal with suppliers in these ways even if the supplier is acting promotionally in its own competitive interests.

The Club will favour a member’s supplier only in the event of a tie as to which the supplier best fits each members needs.

The Club may communicate all such activities to the club’s members.

Upon request, and if relevant to the  club’s members, the Club may communicate offers of services and products from other suppliers.

2.   Guideline – Fund Raising


A.    PASSIVE fundraising – Castaways Fly Fishing Club has received unsolicited products for club use.  (ie: person/company donates rod/reel to the Castaways FFC without solicitation).

B.  ACTIVE fundraising – The actual act of Castaways fly fishing members soliciting local businesses, inhabitants, or members for products.  End use of product must be clearly indicated to supplier.  (ie: member asking tackle manufacturer for donation of a rod/reel etc.) .


A.    Passively raised products may be used:

1. for club activities, with ownership by the Castaways FFC.

2. for an auction/raffle with proceeds into general revenue with no use specified.  (i.e.: cash raised could be used to subsidize club BBQ, dinner event, or donated to local enhancement project).

B.   Solicited products may only be used for the initial specified purpose. (i.e.: donated items must be auctioned/raffled by the Castaways FFC to raise cash for specific streamside venture).

3.  ACCOUNTING:  Accounting records must be kept to ensure a clean paper trail for money raised and spent/donated.  Records will be entered into general minutes and presented to Castaways FFC members.

3.  Privacy Policy

Mid-Island Castaways Fly Fishing Club is committed to protecting your personal privacy.

This Statement explains the data collection, and use practices of Mid-Island Castaways Fly Fishing Club (Club).  The statement applies to Club Newsletters and the website.  The statement does not apply to other Non-Club “on” or “off line” Internet sites, print publications, associated websites or product suppliers or services.

PERSONAL INFORMATION:  The personal information collected by Mid-Island Castaways Fly Fishing Club will be used only to operate the business of the Club and to provide the service(s) or carry out the transaction(s) a Member has requested or authorized. Mid-Island Castaways Fly Fishing Club may follow up, either by surface or other mail, telephone, electronic mail or personal contact with members, and others, who have completed forms or provided Mid-Island Castaways Fly Fishing Club with any personal information.  Mid-Island Castaways Fly Fishing Club may use electronic mail or surface mail addresses voluntarily provided to periodically send Mid-Island Castaways Fly Fishing Club related promotional and informational material such as the notices, newsletters, and information regarding upcoming and special events.

COLLECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION:  Mid-Island Castaways Fly Fishing Club, will ask you to provide personal information that identifies you as a Member of Mid-Island Castaways Fly Fishing Club and which allows the Club to contact you, to track your membership for Club administration purposes.  Mid-Island Castaways Fly Fishing Club will not distribute any mailing lists externally.  Mid-Island Castaways Fly Fishing Club will not distribute any personal information to any person or company, other than as required by Legislation or Legal Order.  The only exception is the current Club affiliation with the BC Wildlife Federation and then, only for the purposes of reconciling Mid-Island Castaways Fly Fishing Club membership dues and for your personal Insurance.

SHARING OF INFORMATION:  Mid-Island Castaways Fly Fishing Club does not, and will not release or sell personal information to outside 3rd parties.  Mid-Island Castaways Fly Fishing Club is not responsible for the content or the Privacy Policies of Web sites to which it might link on the Internet.

ELECTRONIC MAIL:  If voluntarily provided, your email address will be placed on the Mid-Island Castaways Fly Fishing Club web site, and may be used by Mid-Island Castaways Fly Fishing Club to send you information, newsletters, and other information directly related to the business of the Club.

ACCESS TO YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION:  At any time you may review, edit, and request changes to, or removal of your personal information.  If you have any questions or directions in this regard they should be directed to the Mid-Island Castaways Fly Fishing Club, Secretary.

Should you have any questions regarding these guidelines/policies please contact any member of your Executive