Club Clothing


Clothing with the Club Crest on it


 North End Polar Crested Fleece Vest

North End Polar Crested Fleece Vest
Price: $18.00
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

 Coal Harbour Crested Denim Shirt

Coal Harbour Crested Denim Shirt
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

AJM International Oilskin Hats

JM International Oilskin Hats

Authentic Fersten Worldwide Ball Caps

Cotton Hats

out of stock


  • CRESTS-sew on – 10@$13>00 each
  • Decals-stick on – 11@$2.00 each
  • Denim Shirts – 3@$36.00 each
  • Hats-oilskin – 2@$24.00 each
  • Hats-cotton – out of stock
  • Sweatshirt-zipper, no hood – 2@$30.00 each
  • Tshirt-long sleeve cotton – 4@$18.00 each
  • Tshirt-long sleeve merino wool – out of stock
  • Tshirt-short sleeve – 1@$13.00 each
  • Vest-fleece – 8@$30.00 each

These items can be viewed, purchased and/or ordered at general membership meetings held monthly.

Special Notes: Should you wish a special order or have suggestions regarding items you would like available at the club level please contact