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Rowbotham Lake – fish enhancement program


The ‘First Annual Castaways Fishing Boat Show’ at the general meeting on January 15, 2019

The Castaways Annual General Meeting Service Recognition Awards

The Mid-Island Castaways are a member-driven organization, which means that we rely on our dedicated members to help make our club possible. Volunteerism is encouraged in whatever capacity you can provide, be it expertise in fly tying, casting, or your organizational and administration skills on our volunteer Board of Directors. In February 2018, the Castaways recognized two members for their dedicated service for four consecutive years by awarding hand crafted shadow boxes made by Chris Bruckshaw, featuring the General Money No. 2 Spey Fly pattern, generously tied by Ryan White. This particular fly pattern is the club logo.

Awards were presented to Shelly D’Andrea for four consecutive years of dedicated service as the Board of Directors’ Secretary, and Ava Marie Super for her service on the Education Committee as well as ensuring coffee and cookies were available at club meetings and educational classes.

In addition, Shelly received a hand tied fly pattern broach, by one of the clubs very own fly tying instructors, Devina Brookman.