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Women's Group - Women Fishing with Other Women


Mid-Island Castaways Fly Fishing Club is establishing a women’s’ group within the boundaries of the main Club with the main objective to foster opportunities for women club members to enjoy fly fishing and to connect with other like-minded women. The Club wishes to provide learning and fly-fishing opportunities for women of all skill levels by cultivating, facilitating, and maintaining connections within the group. Women Fly Fishers who wish to be part of the formation of this group are encouraged to step forward to put their ideas into its formation and possibly to guide others by assuming one of the many different roles required.

Mid-Island Castaways Fly Fishing Club is open to facilitating and promoting opportunities for women to enhance their knowledge and fly-fishing skills and to connect with like-minded women of all skill levels. The Club has at its disposal many, many experienced members who are willing to share their knowledge regarding equipment, casting, where to find fish, how to catch them, and fly tying.
Everything is in place for the learning part, but we need you to tell us how you want this group to be set up. We want your input. We want this to be your group. Make it yours by joining with us to form the programs and activities that you, as a women fly fisher, want, and need.

Although Mid-Island Castaways Fly Fishing Club is a central island club, this women’s group would liaise with other fly fishers and committees in other organizations to create opportunities to meet and engage with like-minded women, and to foster sharing, inspiration and participation in events and activities.

Please bring your vision and enthusiasm to this start up ZOOM meeting. We need you to help shape the future of women in fly fishing on Vancouver Island.

Must be a member or become a member of the Club to participate in Club activities, but all women are encouraged to attend the Zoom meetings to share thoughts and offer inspiration.

The Club will provide:

  • Learning the basics for beginners – equipment, set-ups, technique, fly-casting practices, basic entomology, etiquette, and conservation, as well as learning to tie your own flies!
  • For those who already fly fish – improve your technique, find the right fly, enhance your equipment knowledge and fly-fishing skills, and share knowledge amongst women fly fishers.
  • Fly-fishing opportunities with local day trips and multi-day camping adventures.
  • Professional and experienced connections within the Club.
  • Learning resources with the Club’s Library of books and videos, and the “Members Only” website.
  • And much, much more!

Please bring your vision and enthusiasm to this start-up meeting. We need you to help shape the future of women in fly fishing on Vancouver Island.

Who:   Women Fly Fishers of all skill levels and varying back-grounds.

What:  The formation of a women’s group within the Mid Island Castaway Fly Fishing Club

When:  Thursday, February 24th, 2022

Where:  ZOOM MEETING at 7pm.  Please pre-register with Mary Zolmer mezolmer@gmail.com for the link to be sent to you.

Why: Because we are women, and we fish differently! We are not quiet! We are strong! And we can catch fish!

To view and download our kick off poster click this link mic_womens_group_zoom_meeting_poster

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